Gunny is back with his unique brand of effervescent coaching conversation. As always, Gunny is exploring all things engagement and coach development. In this conversation we explore why Gunny feels that coaches should embrace 'Maslow before Bloom' in a reference to meeting an athlete's needs before learning can occur. We also discuss how indigenous games can be used to develop skills and how traditional game forms have been lost from the youth sports experience.

It is a conversation full of 'Gunny Gold Nuggets and one not to be missed.

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Ben Franks is a researcher in skill acquisition at the University Campus in Football Business (UCFB) based at Wembley in London and he is also a goalkeeper coach. His research studied visual search behaviour in elite goalkeepers and sought to explore how they use their eyes to help them with anticipatory decision making.

This episode is made of 2 halves. The first half delves into the research and explores a range of challenging topics in ecological dynamics. The second half is more practical where we explore the implications of this research for coaches and how we can better create learning environments that help players with decision making and anticipation.

Hope you enjoy

Ben blogs at

He can be found 'rattling cages' on Twitter at


Olly Logan is 'Analysis Lead' at British Swimming. This is a rather misleading title as it doesn't really do justice to the role that Olly plays in supporting the development of elite British swimmers. As you will see from this conversation Olly's role is about using analysis, data, research and skill acquisition knowledge to devise interventions that will help the best get better.

In this fascinating conversation we explore a range of topics including:

  • Why all road cyclists should do cyclo-cross

  • Why we should keep the 'technical groove' as shallow as possible for as long as possible

  • His very different take on 'the rule of 3'

  • The ways he helped an existing Olympic Champion to become even better

This is one not to be missed...


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