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Creating learning environments through 'safe uncertainty' a conversation with Ric Shuttlewor

Ric Shuttleworth is a unique individual with an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and insight into skill acquisition and coaching.

While Ric has a strong academic background and has worked within the sports science domain for a good part of his career, he is very much a practitioner and has spent most of his life on the sidelines working directly with athletes and coaches.

Ric is currently working with elite coaches across a range of sports as a coach developer and he shares a series of high quality insights and 'knowledge bombs' that will really challenge the coaching and talent community to re-imagine the way that they develop the capabilities of the athletes they guide.

In this episode we discuss...

  • How to avoid falling into the pitfall of 'comparative coaching'

  • Why trying to develop a 'shared mental model' can destroy creativity

  • Using a 'principles based' coaching approach

  • How coaches should be part of the learning system not in control of it

  • Why following a plan is the worst thing you can do

  • Eddie Jones secret - the "cut - bleed & bandage' approach

  • Using an 'explore - discover - adapt' approach to player and coach learning

  • How to move away from overly structured coaching towards a more reactive model that Ric describes as an 'interactive action' approach

  • How you could be part of a learning and development community that is being organised by Ric and Mark Upton. Email for more information

I highly recommend having a notepad handy when you listen to this or at the very least listening to it more than once.

You can listen in the player below or subscribe on itunes. If you like what you hear then I would be really grateful if you would take 5 mins to leave a review so that more people can find the podcast.


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