John Kessel works for USA Volleyball, as Director of Sport Development. He currently serves as the staff liaison for Disabled Programs & USA Deaflympic Teams. His main goal is to help make all coaches more efficient, positive and creative, no matter what level - 7 year olds in an elementary school program or National team players and programs. He challenges old ways of thinking and help coaches create what they need, while having fun in the process.

In this fascinating conversation we discuss...

- 'Training in reality and the quest for faster, denser motor learning - Why drills don't work (because humans aren't robots) - The 'white belt mentality' - What coaches can learn from surgeons

It is a great conversation...I hope you enjoy


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Ted Suikonen is a Skill Development Specialist Coach that has been working in professional ice hockey for most of his career. He is currently the skill development coach with Locomotiv Moscow in Russia and boasts an impressive track record of developing players to play at the elite level in Russia many of whom have been drafted into the NHL.

In this fascinating conversation which we recorded when Ted was in the locker room straight after a session (forgive the background noise!) we explore a broad range of topics related to skill acquisition including:

  • Why every player is like a snowflake

  • Why technical skills camps are a scam

  • How to develop players with 'perceptual radar'

  • How Ted encourages players to coach other players to beat themselves

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did


Richard Shorter (AKA Non Perfect Dad) is back to help me celebrate 'Parents In Sport Week'.

I am also extremely excited to announce that Richard and I have created a new course called 'Conversations 4 Growth' which is designed to support parents to navigate the complexity of supporting and guiding young people through their sporting journey.

The course comprises of a series of conversations between Richard and myself exploring a challenging discussion topic facing parents interacting with sporting young people. It features...

  • Eleven-full length, in-depth videos of crucial conversations

  • Tried-and-tested advice that understands that every family, every situation is different

  • Forums to share and learn from other parents

  • 132 ways to find better solutions for your parenting struggles

  • Bonus video covering how to get the most from the conversation videos

Here is a sneak preview of the course just to give you a sense of what we cover...

Talent Equation subscribers can get an exclusive discount for the course by clicking the link below...

In this podcast episode we cover a LOT of ground...

  • A sneak preview into some of the course content...

  • Why most parent engagement is the equivalent of 'cones and drills' or 'beige food at parties'

  • Actionable steps to create a more inclusive and engaging environment for parental engagement

  • The 'Iceberg approach' to tackling challenging parental behaviours

  • Using Professor Jeff French's behaviour change framework to support parental engagement - how to use a 'firm nudge'

Hope you enjoy


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