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Podcast - Coach Like a Champion with Master Educator, Doug Lemov

Doug Lemov has dedicated his life to helping young people to strive for the exceptional. His work within Uncommon Schools has helped some of the most disadvantaged young people to achieve things within their lives that few thought would be possible.

He understands a thing or two about unleashing potential!

His quest to help students succeed led him to discover that the major factor in helping young people was high quality teaching. He set about to find out what set apart the best teachers from the rest and decided to record the methods that these teachers adopted to share with others. The book 'Teach like a Champion' was born.

Doug has gone onto write several other books including 'Practice Perfect' which is a fantastic source of insight for anyone wanting to help other learn.

Both of the books are available to download by clicking the links above. These are affiliate links and by buying the books through these links Amazon pays me a small commission so you will be helping to support the running costs of the site and will earn my eternal gratitude!

In this episode we discuss: - How to use questioning really, really well. - How to avoid question fatigue - Why most teacher and coach CPD doesnt work - Why teacher training leaves teachers without the necessary skills to be excellent teachers - The ingredients of a high quality talent environment like Uncommon Schools

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