It is hard to describe what Jamie Edwards does. It is probably most accurate to describe him as a 'performance coach'. He helps people to become the best versions of themselves. He has worked with some of the most famous sports stars that the UK has produced but that is only half of the story. The real work is the work he does with young people to help to equip them for the journey ahead...

Jamie has had a profound impact on my life in so many ways and some of his teachings have helps me to support someone close to me to recover from a serious crisis. His stuff is good, it is practical and it works!!

In this episode we discuss the difference between chats and conversations, the power of 'de-labelling', how psychological archetypes and metaphors can enhance performance and how to help people to develop the tools and skills to help them navigate through the challenges that they will face in sport and life.

It's a long one...but I think its worth the investment in time.


Alex Twitchen has spent all his life in coaching.

It is something that he has been able to combine as a career and as a practitioner. He is passionate about learning and development and is as passionate about helping other coaches develop as he is about the development of the players he coaches.

His most recent career move has seen him working in the 'University in the Cloud' so that he can bring more opportunities to help more coaches learn and develop.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode but here are some of the nuggets you will take away by listening...

  • Jelly Tot Football

  • Trashcan Challenge

  • The 'Open Box' curriculum for coaches

  • His new project to help coaches to develop other coaches

  • The flow between games based and constraints led approaches

Lots to take away!!

Hope you enjoy


Anastacia Long has had an amazing coaching journey!

In this enthralling story (that is straight out of the Hollywood archives!) she tells us all about her journey from going from being an elite high board diver to the novice rugby coach of a group of under 15 boys with no previous rugby experience, and how they went all the way to the finals of one of England Rugby’s national schools’ competitions.

In this episode she shares the way in which her coaching approach has evolved and developed and describes the ways in which she had to create an environment which asked the players to lead the activity and self-organise. The story also has some powerful lessons about the power of sport as a way to help bring young people together and develop their resilience and connection.

It is a tale of triumph against adversity, of bucking the trend, beating the odds. there is heartbreak and there is joy. As I said in the podcast, if any movie producers are out there, I want Executive Producer credit!!

I hope you enjoy


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