Will Roberts is a senior lecturer in sport and exercise at the University of Gloucestershire.

His teaching and research interests revolve around two key areas; the sociology of sport, and coaching pedagogy. His PhD examines the role coaching has in providing social and personal change.

In this conversation we explore the challenges that coaches face when adopting a constraints led approach to coaching, we also discuss the importance of a strong understanding of human movement and bio-mechanics is important to support effective practice design.

We also delve into a project that he is leading that adopts a non linear approach to the development of physical literacy for children in schools and clubs.


Boing Kids

Constraints Led Approach Book


Sam Jarman is back and this time he is really challenging some of my conceptions of what we understand to be the reality of the youth sport experience. In this episode we delve into philosophical psychology as we explore whether what we value in sport is actually a product of social and cultural constructs which restrict us from genuinely exploring the nature of our experiences and limiting our abilities to tap into genuine human well-being through play, creativity and exploration.

This is a mind bender, and you will hear me trying to get my head around some of the ideas and try and bring them to life through relevance to my own experience.

Have fun!!



Gunny is back with his unique brand of effervescent coaching conversation. As always, Gunny is exploring all things engagement and coach development. In this conversation we explore why Gunny feels that coaches should embrace 'Maslow before Bloom' in a reference to meeting an athlete's needs before learning can occur. We also discuss how indigenous games can be used to develop skills and how traditional game forms have been lost from the youth sports experience.

It is a conversation full of 'Gunny Gold Nuggets and one not to be missed.

If you want to come and learn with Gunny and myself while he is over in the UK then click on this link to register.

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