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Moving away from being a 'playstation coach' - A conversation with England U18 Basketball Co

Alan Keane coaches the England boys U18 basketball team. Alan Keane has been on a journey! I know it's a cliche but if ever the phrase was applicable it with Alan.

In this remarkably honest and refreshingly candid conversation Alan shares his transformation from being a coach that only cared about results, tactics, techniques and compliance to becoming a coach that cares about the person, their learning, their development and their ownership of the process of development.

Highlights from the discussion include:

  • Alan's developmental journey and how he has a 'triangle of influences' that guide his learning.

  • How he had to get more vulnerable than he thought possible to expand his horizons

  • How he called a time out and only said 3 words "talk to me"

  • How letting the players guide their timeouts led to transformational insights (from the quietest player on the team)

  • His experiences of taking what he had learned into his work environment as a teacher and the unbelievable results for the teachers and the pupils

There is so much in this podcast...I challenge you to take it all in in one sitting!!

As always, subscribe in itunes here or listen in the player below


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