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A conversation with my mentor - Mark Bennett MBE

Mark Bennett is someone that has had the most profound effect on my coaching, my parenting, my management style and my life.

Mark is an expert people developer and has worked with people from all walks of life from elite sports coaches to teachers working in primary schools.

His approach was forged in the British military where he was a physical training instructor but it has now been used to help people in all walks of life to follow a path of excellence. It is extremely powerful and I was really keen to make sure that he shares some of his insights with the Talent Equation community.

In this great discussion we cover:

  • The difference between 'performance' coaching and 'leisure' coaching

  • How to decide whether you are on a journey of performance and improvement or on a journey of self delusion

  • How Mark tries to make himself redundant by ensuring that coaches and athletes make good behaviour choices whether he is there or not

  • Using 'covert tests' to help you ensure that learning has taken place

  • Why most coaches need to take 70% of the content out of their session plans

  • How to ensure that athletes make a commitment to the goals that they establish for themselves

This is an episode that you won't want to miss.

Listen in the player below or subscribe in itunes here

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