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Podcast: Building great relationships - The secret to the development of the 'Gifted Junior'

Stuart Morgan from was the Director of Instruction at the International Junior Golf Academy in the USA. Stuart has spent his life helping young golfers to develop and has a wealth of knowledge to share with the talent community.

We focus on the experiences he went through with developing a young female golfer called Emily Price and her journey of success towards several amateur titles and the way that the engagement with the family is all important. In the episode we cover:

  • How Stuart works with young players on the course and in context as much as possible. Designing challenges and using constraints to challenge their skill set.

  • How the relationship with the parents is all important but the relationship is built in having clearly defined roles.

  • How a delayed specialisation model was used in Emily's development. How keeping her away from the formal 'talent pathway' until the right moment played an important role in her development.

  • Creating an ecological environment around her in order to develop resilience and the characteristics required for excellence.

  • How Stuart still provided coaching even though he was on the other side of the Atlantic.

  • How Stuart's book 'Gifted Junior' can help parents and coaches to navigate this process.

Enjoy the episode

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