The Superbowl is coming this weekend!!

As my excitement increases in the build up to the amazing global showcase of sporting endeavour and razzmatazz, I thought it was the perfect time to invite the human encyclopedia of all things movement skill in the NFL, Shawn Myszka (aka @movementmiyagi on Twitter) and author of the amazing blog 'Football Beyond the Stats' back on the podcast to share some of his insights on some of the star players of the season and geek out about skill acquisition and coaching.

In this discussion, Shawn shares some of the challenges he has faced this year facing up to some limitations in his coaching repertoire supporting athletes who are "hyper adaptable on the field but not hyper adaptable off the field!" He also dissects some of the star movers of the year, shares his approach to challenging players and taking them outside their comfort zone and we explore some deeper concepts around adaptability.

This is one not to be missed.

Go Pats!!

Some stuff from Saquon Barkley to drool over!!


Sarah Kelleher is the Head Coach of the England U18 Girls Field Hockey team. She is one of the most creative and playful coaches that I have ever had the pleasure to meet and coach with. We worked together in the England Hockey talent pathway and it was one of the highlights of my coaching journey so far. She brings creativity and joy to to everything she does, even the process to planning, session design and reflection!

In this conversation we discuss how she uses a range of approaches to creating a motivational climate that is joyful, creative and playful while at the same time being focused on excellence, performance and 'grit'.

I really hope you enjoy this conversation because I know I did!!

If you would like to hear Sarah talk more about the development of a motivational climate and actually see her in action then you are in luck. She is speaking at the 'Talent Equation Live' conference that I am hosting in Edinburgh with the support of the fine people at Stewart Melville's College.

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Chris Panayiotou is the Global Technical Director for Rush Soccer, a worldwide soccer coaching network that has 50,000 players across the globe. Chris is originally from the UK and has been based in America for a number of years and has committed his coaching career to supporting other coaches within the Rush Community to improve and develop to provide the best possible experience for children in their programmes.

In this conversation we reflect on our learning from the 'Future of Coaching' conference which we both attended over the weekend and Chris also shares some valuable insights into his approach and methodology which has seen him named as one of the top coaches in America by the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Some highlights include:

  • Eliminating the word 'don't' from his vocabulary

  • The impact his 'super strength' boot bag had on players

  • How he has worked to engage the 55 Elementary schools in his local area and coached over 80,000 children

  • The act of noticing that saved one of his players lives!!


'The Rush Soccer Player' Chris's letter to parents outlining the mission statement of the club is available in the resources area of the site

Todd Rose's book - End of Average can be fund here

Chris's Peom called 'Football Done' is below


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