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New podcast - Reed Maltbie - Star Soccer Club & Changing the Game Project

Reed Maltbie is a coach that takes his craft seriously. Alongside a lifetime of experience and ongoing learning he also has 2 masters degrees in Psychology and Child Development so when it comes to developing children in sport....he knows a thing or two!

His passion for coaching and for the impact that a coach can have have on children led him to deliver a TED talk on the subject of communication which you can check out below

In this great podcast episode Reed explains how he develops positive environments for young people to thrive within. We cover a lot of topics including:

  • The impact of words on people

  • How an email from a parent 'cut him in half' and nearly made him quit coaching

  • Strategies he uses to build positive relationships with parents including having a 'lollipop parent' patrolling the sidelines to manage behaviour

  • How 'the why' of coaching is the most important thing that a coach can have to help them navigate player and parental relationships

  • The 3 'V's' of communication - Visual, Verbal, Values

  • How to stop being a 'joystick coach'.

This was a super enjoyable conversation packed full of quality information, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Listen below or subscribe in itunes here

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