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5000+ miles in the search for new coaching knowledge - a conversation with Nick Hill

Nick Hill is probably one of the most committed coaches to his personal development that I have ever met. His quest for continuous improvement has taken him to all corners of the globe from Australia, to New Zealand to Chile and the US.

If coaching expertise was measured in air miles then this guy has to be in the premier league!

Nick's career has seen him working in talent environments for most of his career and his dedication to his craft really shines through in this episode.

In this conversation we discuss...

  • How being coached by Brian Ashton while representing England U19s was a turning point in his career. Driving him to become a coach and do it better than he had done before.

  • His journey from being a drill based, instructional coach to a player centred, facilitation style coach and why this has made him choose a more game based approach.

  • How he overcame the language barrier while working in Chile by tapping into the 'language of rugby'

  • His methods for getting buy in and developing goals with groups of players

  • How he allows techniques to develop by being patient and using clever practice design.

  • The challenges of introducing a new set of players to his approach and how he overcomes negative responses.

As always, listen in the player below or subscribe in itunes here

Happy listening


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