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Skye Eddy Bruce is the founder of the Soccer Parenting Association, an organisation with a mission of 'inspiring players by empowering parents'.

A former professional player, Skye has coached extensively in the youth and collegiate context, she is also a sought after Coach & Parent Educator and Club Consultant.

In this conversation we discuss the ways that coaches can develop strong relationships with players and parents. Skye explains a framework that she uses to support the creation of positive connections through the '4 dimensions of a 'sense of community''.

This is a fascinating conversation full of fascinating insight into the key relationships between coaches, parents and athletes.


Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Peter Arnott and Greame McDowell run 'Golf on the Edge of Chaos' a unique coach development programme that allows golf coaches to learn and explore the applications of non linear pedagogy and the constraints led approach in golf. Greame also founded 'Golf on the Edge of Chaos' a unique coach development programme

Ian Renshaw is a regular podcast guest and is a researcher and renowned author specialising in the constraints led approach based at QUT in Australia.

They have just published a new book to demonstrate how their practice is driven and inspired by their alignment to a CLA, 'A Constraints-Led Approach to Golf Coaching' includes case studies and examples of how constraints are manipulated to induce adaption in the technical, tactical (or put in golf terms, course management), physiological, and psychological development mechanisms needed to improve at golf.

In this conversation we discuss how they apply the principles and seek to support golfers on their journey. We explore some of the the approaches that they use with young players, elite amateurs and also aspiring professionals.

It is a fascinating conversation.

The book can be purchased here (This is an affiliate link...using it helps to support the show)


The best-selling author of 'Teach Like a Champion' and 'Practice Perfect' makes a welcome return to the podcast and this time he has a new book out all about coaching 'A Coach's Guide to Teaching'.

Doug brings his considerable knowledge about the science of classroom teaching to the sports coaching world to support coaches on the court and field.

The book is written brilliantly and makes core scientific concepts accessible and practical.... it is prepared to explore ideas from a range of theoretical perspectives to open discussion about some key areas that are still hotly debated today.

You will hear me exploring some of this with Doug as some of the ideas don't necessarily map on to my perspective on coaching but I do my best to give them a fair representation. After all, I wouldn't want to be accused of not being balanced.

This is a great Christmas present to yourself so go ahead and get stuck in.


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