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"It's only when I got to level 5 that I discovered skill acquisition" - A conversation

Calvin Betton has the life that would be the envy of many. He travels Europe coaching and helping young tennis players to strive to break into the professional ranks. It's a tough life but somebody's got to do it...right? Not necessarily...

In this episode we get an inside picture of the life of a tennis coach working at the cliff edge of the talent space...the key transition zone from promising junior to top level adult. In the episode we cover...

  • The big gap in coach education that meant that skill acquisition was only covered at level 5!

  • The questions he asked a tennis legend about the advice he was giving to aspiring players to use drills to become better tennis players

  • Why people don't understand what good coaching looks like

  • How he creates intensity using 'pressure training'

  • His innovative method of giving feedback called 'bandwidth feedback'

  • His approach to 'challenge point theory' called 'training on the edge'

There is a wealth of insight in here that we were able to benefit from because of a rainstorm in Greece...a brainstorm in the rainstorm (ahem)!!


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