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"It's not down to gifted ability, it's about hard work, stubbornness and not taking no

Jason deVos likes a challenge! He also doesn't give up until he achieves his goals!! He is an object lesson in GRIT, Growth Mindset, Resilience...and all that stuff!!

Not only does he come back from being dropped by his provincial football team at age 12 to captain his country. He gives up a lucrative job as a TV pundit to become the Head of Football Development at Canada Soccer. This is a man who is committed to helping people succeed and he will do his level best to making Canadian Soccer the best it can be.

In this conversation we discuss...

  • What his Dad said to him on the long drive back from the trials where he was told he wasn't going to progress.

  • His blueprint for improving the environment for children in Canadian soccer clubs

  • How he want's to make the system in Canada more challenging for players rather than having a 'culture of entitlement'

  • His plans to change the coach development system in Canadian soccer.

  • My thoughts on how he could do some of these things.

I hope you enjoy.

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