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Be a part of my private learning group - The Talent Equation Conclave

So many of my listeners and readers have contacted me recently asking where they can hear me speak or if I am doing any workshops that they can attend. Many others have written with challenges and questions that need in depth answers that are difficult to convey via email and require a discussion to explore properly.

So I have now set up the Talent Equation Conclave...

The Conclave is a private 'mastermind group' of only 12 people that meets with me online on a monthly basis to discuss issues, challenges and find creative ways of getting better at helping young people get better. From time to time I will run workshops on specific themes to stimulate discussion and share new knowledge. I will also bring podcast guests in to the group when appropriate.

The way to become a member of The Conclave is to go to my new Patreon page and sign up for this reward. Once the group has the right number of members I will contact you and arrange our first gathering.

In the meantime have a great festive break and I look forward to learning with you in the New Year.

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