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In search of creativity - A conversation with James Vaughan

James Vaughan is a coach at the AIK Academy in Sweden. He is a colleague of Mark O'Sullivan and Dennis Hortin (both previous podcast guests) and is a regular contributor to the fantastic website 'Player Development Project'. James has a rich background as a coach and as a researcher and has been fortunate to study under the guidance of some of the leading academics in the field of skill acquisition, constraints led coaching and games based coaching.

In this episode we delve into creativity and explore the way that social and cultural constraints influence the way we think, feel and act when trying to lead the development of young people in sport. It is an illuminating and in depth conversation.

In the episode we discuss...

  • Why Brazilian culture emphasises skill

  • How Barcelona differs from Stockholm in the way they view human development

  • Myths about talent and creativity

  • How James applies constraints to influence positive, creative action rather than minimising error

Get your notebook ready!!

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