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"The resilient mind imagines hardship and prepares" - A conversation with Mark Bennett, Jo

This week's podcast is another experiment in sound recording. I am travelling in my car, Mark has just come out of the gym, Juan is in his office at school and John has just got back from taking the children to school. But we still managed to record a conversation!!

You join us as we are planning our forthcoming conference 'The Future of Coaching' as we finalise how we are going to be delivering the sessions and running the conference as well as discussing some of the themes that we will be covering.

We then delve into a couple of hot topics that are facing many of the coaches that we work with and explore some of the ways in which we can address them.

It is a great conversation and has really whetted my appetite for the discussions to come in the New Year!!

Tickets can be booked for the event through the link here.

Enjoy the podcast

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