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Working with Parents in Sport - a conversation with Gordon MacLelland

It's Parents in Sport week!! A week dedicated to providing parents with support and guidance about how to have a positive sporting experience for parents and children.

So it is only fitting that I had a conversation with Gordon MacLelland of Working with Parents in Sport

In this conversation I am actually being a sport parent and recording the podcast on my phone while watching my son play his first game of 'proper football' (this gets me into trouble so stay listening until the end to hear me try and make amends with my son for not paying enough attention to his first game....Bad Dad!!!)

Gordon and I explore the challenges of being a sports parent, we also look into how parents can navigate the increasingly competitive and ruthless world of talent identification as well as looking into some practical ideas around how coaches can build better relationships with parents.

If you can cope with the sounds of enthusiastic parents in the background and my occasion outburst as my son does something good in the game then I am sure that you will get a lot from this.



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