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"I want to make myself unnecessary" - a conversation with Peter Prickett

Peter Prickett is a coach that is passionate about the role that games can play in the child's sports experience. So much so that he has written a book that is dedicated to playing games. But not just any games...specifically 3 v 3 games as he believes that they offer the most representative football experience and provide the richest opportunities for learning.

In this super interesting conversation we cover...

  • How 40 different 3 v 3 games could become 140

  • His views on the development of creativity in players

  • How his club has turned the tables and ask the coaches to do trials and get the kids to select them if they are suitable

  • Why paying coaches is the model that they have adopted

There is a lot of interesting stuff in here. I hope you enjoy.

Peter's book can be pre ordered at a discounted price by clicking here

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