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"The only time you will know you have done a good job is when they choose your nursing home!

Richard Shorter has spent his life committed to supporting families to improve their communication and relationship dynamics. He set us to provide a space for sporting parents to help to navigate the dynamic world of sport for young people.

In this illuminating and energising conversation Richard unloads 20 years of knowledge about the challenges of parenting into an hour and a half conversation that is rich with valuable ideas!

Many of these ideas have been encapsulated in Richard's new book 'Conversations for the Journey - 40 ways to build sporting character' which can be purchased at his website using a special promo code especially for Talent Equation subscribers. Use the link below to get your discount.

The book has been really useful for me in the few short weeks that it has been in my possession so I can't recommend it highly enough.

Hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did!!

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