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"you learn the truth from a child or a crazy person" - a conversation with Chris Panayioto

Chris Panayiotou is the Global Technical Director for Rush Soccer, a worldwide soccer coaching network that has 50,000 players across the globe. Chris is originally from the UK and has been based in America for a number of years and has committed his coaching career to supporting other coaches within the Rush Community to improve and develop to provide the best possible experience for children in their programmes.

In this conversation we reflect on our learning from the 'Future of Coaching' conference which we both attended over the weekend and Chris also shares some valuable insights into his approach and methodology which has seen him named as one of the top coaches in America by the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Some highlights include:

  • Eliminating the word 'don't' from his vocabulary

  • The impact his 'super strength' boot bag had on players

  • How he has worked to engage the 55 Elementary schools in his local area and coached over 80,000 children

  • The act of noticing that saved one of his players lives!!


'The Rush Soccer Player' Chris's letter to parents outlining the mission statement of the club is available in the resources area of the site

Chris's Peom called 'Football Done' is below

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