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"Coaching is a mystery rather than a puzzle" - a conversation with Alex Twitchen

Alex Twitchen has spent all his life in coaching.

It is something that he has been able to combine as a career and as a practitioner. He is passionate about learning and development and is as passionate about helping other coaches develop as he is about the development of the players he coaches.

His most recent career move has seen him working in the 'University in the Cloud' so that he can bring more opportunities to help more coaches learn and develop.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode but here are some of the nuggets you will take away by listening...

  • Jelly Tot Football

  • Trashcan Challenge

  • The 'Open Box' curriculum for coaches

  • His new project to help coaches to develop other coaches

  • The flow between games based and constraints led approaches

Lots to take away!!

Hope you enjoy

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