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'Climbing Everest wearing a 'pac-a-mac' - a conversation (or is it a chat?) with Jamie &

It is hard to describe what Jamie Edwards does. It is probably most accurate to describe him as a 'performance coach'. He helps people to become the best versions of themselves. He has worked with some of the most famous sports stars that the UK has produced but that is only half of the story. The real work is the work he does with young people to help to equip them for the journey ahead...

Jamie has had a profound impact on my life in so many ways and some of his teachings have helps me to support someone close to me to recover from a serious crisis. His stuff is good, it is practical and it works!!

In this episode we discuss the difference between chats and conversations, the power of 'de-labelling', how psychological archetypes and metaphors can enhance performance and how to help people to develop the tools and skills to help them navigate through the challenges that they will face in sport and life.

It's a long one...but I think its worth the investment in time.

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