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Podcast - Episode 5 - How to use flow to develop talent - Kendal McWade - Part 1

In this 2 part episode, I talk to a genuine master practitioner, Kendal McWade. Kendal is a golf coach who works with some of the most able young players in England as a regional coach for England Golf. Kendal founded 'Instinctive Golf' several years ago after searching for answers to his own golf improvement misery and a desire to try and find another way.

His methods and his approach are truly captivating and this episode was a genuine eye opener for me.

In the episode we cover...

- How becoming a different approach that was not standard instruction nearly ruined him

- Why throwing golf clubs is a good way to get better

- Who is Kendal's mentor and the things you can learn from him - The difference between 'technique out' versus 'environment in' coaching approaches - How a focus on performance can get in the way of developing skill. - How to help athletes to reach a flow state while in training.

You can subscribe to the podcast and get the episodes directly into your phone each week here.

Or you can listen in the browser below.

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