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"Coaches can be big agents for change...but the decks are stacked against them..."

Chris Cushion is Professor of Coaching & Pedagogy at Loughborough University as well as the Head of Coaching at England Netball. Chris is one of the most well known researchers in the world of sports coaching and has published widely. Chris joined me to disuss the nature of 'direct instruction' which is often a contentious subject in the world of sports coaching. Chris and I have disagreed in the past about this subject so we thought it was high time we got together and had a proper discussion about it. Needless to say, we didn't stop there...we also discussed...

  • How poor coach education is as a means to effectively support coaches and develop thier skills

  • Why coach development is so under valued

  • Why technique led coaching is still so prevalent

  • Why the 'toolbox metaphor' limits coaching effectiveness

It was a really interesting and valuable conversation. Hope you enjoy


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