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My conversation with a Golf YouTuber

I have been following Rob McGarr on You Tube for some time. His videos are a refreshing and honest insight to the challenges of improving in sport (it just so happens that he is a golfer). As I have followed along with the ups and downs of Rob's search for answers to the challenges that the game presents, I have watched him engage with several coaches with very different philosophies and approaches and then observed as he tried to take the knowledge and embed it into his game. I found it harder and harder to watch - I saw Rob struggle with conflicting technical information and I also saw how his mindset suffered as a much so that he ended up giving up the game for a period of time!! I had to reach out! I couldn't stand by and see this struggle any more...I sensed that he was at a cross roads...he had a sense that this stuff wasn't working for him but didn't really know what the alternative was. So we set up a couple of Zoom calls. The first was a 'get to know you call' the second we recorded. I turned it into a podcast and Rob just published this video on his channel... I'd love to here your thoughts on the conversation.


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