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"Why isn't there a half time team talk for parents?" - a conversation (and an exciting

Richard Shorter (AKA Non Perfect Dad) is back to help me celebrate 'Parents In Sport Week'.

I am also extremely excited to announce that Richard and I have created a new course called 'Conversations 4 Growth' which is designed to support parents to navigate the complexity of supporting and guiding young people through their sporting journey.

The course comprises of a series of conversations between Richard and myself exploring a challenging discussion topic facing parents interacting with sporting young people. It features...

  • Eleven-full length, in-depth videos of crucial conversations

  • Tried-and-tested advice that understands that every family, every situation is different

  • Forums to share and learn from other parents

  • 132 ways to find better solutions for your parenting struggles

  • Bonus video covering how to get the most from the conversation videos

Here is a sneak preview of the course just to give you a sense of what we cover...

Talent Equation subscribers can get an exclusive discount for the course by clicking the link below...

In this podcast episode we cover a LOT of ground...

  • A sneak preview into some of the course content...

  • Why most parent engagement is the equivalent of 'cones and drills' or 'beige food at parties'

  • Actionable steps to create a more inclusive and engaging environment for parental engagement

  • The 'Iceberg approach' to tackling challenging parental behaviours

  • Using Professor Jeff French's behaviour change framework to support parental engagement - how to use a 'firm nudge'

Hope you enjoy

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