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How to develop resilient athletes

I'm back!!

Sorry for my enforced sabbatical, I have my head down writing a coaching strategy document for England. That is done now and I am pleased to get back into blogging.

I have some new material in the pipeline but in the meantime I thought I would share this great talk on mental toughness (or more accurately, resilience) from Dr James Bell. I have had the privilege of working with 'Belly' at the RFU and he is fantastic to work alongside. He has the ability to take the academic content and turn it into practical resources that can be used and applied by people in the field, I have learned a lot from him.

This talk is borrowed from the great people over at sportscoachUK as part of their talent development series and is well worth a watch. The section about how they used consequence based training is particularly interesting and has been something that has featured in my coaching for some time.

I will be in touch again soon

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