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Is Your Unclaimed Stock Dividend Pending?

Recover your unclaimed stock dividend today!

"Any money as a dividend that cannot be collected by an investor within 7 years and 37 days from the date of its declaration of a dividend will be transferred by the firm, along with any interest accrued, if any, to Investor education and protection fund," according to a new law.

You should be aware that the corporation will transfer all shares in the name of IEPF if unclaimed stock dividends have been pending for seven years or longer. Many people's shares have been transferred under the name of IEPF in the last 7-8 months.

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The Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) Authority, which is part of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the Government of India, has announced that investors and depositors who had their due dividends moved to the IEPF can now get a refund.

As a regular person, you may have difficulty recovering such shares from the IEPF in their name.

With N200 billion in unclaimed stock dividends, here's how to get your money through the Securities and Exchange Commission's e-Dividend Portal.

· Register through the SEC e-Dividend Portal. ...

· Look for a list of your company's stock.

· Determine the number of unclaimed stock dividends you have.

· Fill out the e-Dividend Mandate form provided by your registrar.

· Claim your unclaimed stock dividends by submitting completed paperwork.

Send your queries for unclaimed stock dividends at to recover all your money from long pending dividends. Also, if you are suffering to find a solution for a lost shares certificate, then MUDS is the best option for you. You can recover all your shares without waiting for your lost shares certificate.

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