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How to make captioning for a video using transcription

If you don't have really good taste (if you do, you were probably assigned all the most creative assignments and wallpaper in high school), try to avoid captions altogether or use Transcriberry service they will provide you with quality transcriptional captions in case of emergency. But if titles are still necessary, try to make them as short and simple as possible (in terms of text). Use a simple, attractive font - Helvetica is ideal. Make them as small as you can while still being readable. Place them in the top or bottom third of the screen. Use and be prepared that you get white font on a black background or vice versa - no shadows, underlining, movement or flickering. No effects used in posters. If the background is too bright for black or white letters, try to place a simple gray bar (background) below the text. For more on graphics in your video, see the chapter "Go Easy on the Graphics" Keep your video short When it comes to video, the good old business adage, "Always make them want more," comes into play. Anything you can say through video should be short. Those who shoot for television tell a detailed story that should entertain us - and make us buy something. And all in 30 seconds. Benjamin Button lives (backwards) his entire life on screen in 2 hours and 46 minutes (not too long for a lifetime, although many say 2 hours and 20 minutes would be enough). Your mother's second birthday probably exists in the form of either a two-minute video with no sound, or six photo cards in a family album. Looking through these treasures years later will really get you into the spirit of the time and place. The recordings are so short because the film in the 8mm cameras of those days was just enough for 2 minutes of shooting, but just because you can now shoot for hours doesn't mean you should. You don't have to shoot 10 minutes for a birthday party. Does a commercial last longer than 3 minutes? Unless it's for and then rework the video into text format well or unless it's directed by Martin Scorsese, so don't even think about it. The best way to make a short video is to aim for it in the beginning. Another old and true showbiz principle is, "When in doubt, cut it." RELATED RESOURCES: Helpful Tips for You to Become Professional Transcriptionist and Earn Money Remotely

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