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Johannes Kepler

He was one of the most important astronomers of the early modern era and discovered the three laws of planetary motion named after him, the Keplerian laws - pay someone to do my homework . Along with Nikolaus Kopernikus, Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton, he was one of the pioneers of a new scientific view of the world, with which religious views were overcome and scientific knowledge became the basis of ideas.

Johannes Kepler lived in a time of incipient scientific upheavals - same day essay . In the early modern era in which he lived, Nikolaus Kopernikus (1473-1543) had developed his ideas on the heliocentric view of the world. The microscope and telescope were invented. Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) discovered the four moons of Jupiter named after him, and the astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) carried out numerous observations of stars. There were fierce disputes about the heliocentric view of the world. These disputes led to the burning of Giordano Bruno in Rome in 1600 and to the inquisition proceedings against Galileo Galilei.

During the time Kepler lived, the ex-queen Maria Stuart was executed in England (1587), the Spanish Armada failed in its advance against England (1588), the Defenestration of Prague (1618) triggered an uprising in Bohemia, and the Thirty Years' War began - history homework help . In art and music, people such as the poet W. Shakespeare, the builder L. Bernini (design of St. Peter's Basilica Rome), the painter Rubens and the composer Monteverdi were active.

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