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November 16, 2018

Here is a new game that I created recently that is designed to challenge players abilities to move the ball into different areas of the pitch collectively as well as develop their awareness of what their opponents are doing and develop strategies to counteract them. 

Here are the boys working out their strategy during one of their 30 second huddles in b...

September 19, 2018

Peter Prickett is a coach that is passionate about the role that games can play in the child's sports experience. So much so that he has written a book that is dedicated to playing games. But not just any games...specifically 3 v 3 games as he believes that they offer the most representative football experience and provide the richest opportunities for...

August 16, 2017

Nick Hill is probably one of the most committed coaches to his personal development that I have ever met. His quest for continuous improvement has taken him to all corners of the globe from Australia, to New Zealand to Chile and the US. 

If coaching expertise was measured in air miles then this guy has to be in the premier league! 

Nick's career has...

June 26, 2016

In my previous post I explained how I experimented with constraints to see if I could help my son to develop his ability to hit a cricket ball to different areas and develop some different shots. 

In this post I wanted to share how I tried something similar with my 4 year old daughter Isla...with surprising results. 

My daughter is 3.5 years yo...

November 14, 2015

I was reading this great article from Ash Smith over at www.superhumanperformance.org which was all about how kids developing amazing abilities by challenging each other and trying to outdo the last trick or skill they have performed. 


It took me back to my childhood when I used to invent games with my brother and freinds to play in the park or th...

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