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August 25, 2017

Joe Baker is a professor at the school of kinesiology and life sciences at York University in Toronto,  Canada. He is one of the most respected and well published researchers in the field of expertise, talent development and lifelong physical activity. 

In 2013 Joe was a key player in contributing to a the creation of a consensus statement on talen...

March 31, 2017

Here is my latest Vlog in the 7 part series looking at the biggest mistakes and traps that people can fall into when helping young people develop their potential.

This one centres on our desire to correct mistakes which robs the young person of the learning opportunity that is created by the error and also creates a motivational climate that encourages...

December 7, 2015

This week I am doing a 'Vlog' (which is a Video Blog apparently!) because I am finding it hard to find the time to share my thoughts through writing.  

I was part of the team that ran a 'Future Player' conference this weekend at Twickenham. We had some fascinating talks and workshops that really got the cogs whirring. 

In this video I talk...

February 16, 2015

Whenever I enter into a conversation about sport for young people, the discussion almost always ends up centring around the 'Relative Age Effect' (RAE). RAE is a cultural phenomenon whereby children who are born at a given point in the year (usually the 3 months or so after a cut off point for the purposes of age grades) are disproportionately represen...

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